About Us

How we started

At the heart of G & UNC is a story of family, tradition, and a passion for cooking that transcends generations. Our founder, Nikki, grew up surrounded by the warmth and love of her grandmother and uncle, the namesakes of our brand. In their cozy kitchen, Nikki learned more than just recipes; she learned that cooking is an expression of love and art.

The magic of G & UNC began with a simple act of love: Nikki baking cookies for her niece's birthday party. Not just any cookie, but ones that carried the legacy of her grandmother and uncle's teachings. Each cookie is a blend of cherished family recipes and Nikki’s own creative flair. These aren't ordinary treats; they are little morsels of happiness that will capture heart and taste buds at first bite.

The overwhelming response at the party was clear: these cookies were something special. Encouraged by friends and family, Nikki took the bold step of turning her passion into a business, giving birth to G & UNC Eats. Our flagship product, the Golden Chocolate Chip Cookie, isn't just a cookie; it's a taste of home, a celebration of family, and a tribute to the timeless joy of baking.

At G & UNC, we believe in the power of simple, high-quality ingredients and the magic that happens when they’re combined with love and care. Our cookies are more than just a premium treat; they're a gateway to cherished memories and new moments of joy. Each bite is an invitation to be part of our family story, one that honors the past while embracing new beginnings.

Welcome to G & UNC – where every cookie is baked with love and a touch of tradition.